Faith walk: Abiding


There is a powerful word in the New Testament that we should understand. It is a favorite word in the writings of the Apostle John who wrote the Gospel account that is named for him as well as three of the epistles of the New Testament.

That word is “abide.” It is used eleven times in the epistles, First, Second and Third John. Strangely, it also occurs eleven times in the Gospel According to John.

The repetition of the word attests to its power and importance. When the reference is to abiding in Christ, it means “living in, with and through Him.” When it refers to Jesus and His word abiding in us, it means His word is “alive in us.”

Jesus speaks of great power in us when He declares, “If you abide in me (live vitally united to Me) and my words abide in you…”

The result of that “abiding” is a victorious power of God in our lives!

That state of abiding gives us power to pray. It gives us the power to expect answered prayer. The fact is that when we abide in Him and His words also abide in us, He promises us answers to our praying. He states this in language that is powerful and plain. Read John 15:7.

So, if you want a direct contact with the Lord which assures He will answer your petitions, be certain that

1. You are abiding in Him (living vitally united to Him).

2. His words are abiding in you.

“Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.” 1 John 2:6

This is compelling and demanding teaching. It is not for the average person or even the average Christian. But if the deep of your soul cries out for a depth in Jesus that you have never yet found, this is for you! Write the Pastor at


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