Animal Services using technology to find lost pets

Finding Rover features facial recognition to unite pets, owners


GREEN COVE SPRINGS – The County Animal Services is partnering with Finding Rover to help reunite lost pets with their owners. Finding Rover uses patented facial recognition technology to compare photos of missing and found pets in your area to make an instant match.

The technology has a 98% accuracy rate because it uses 130 scan points including fur color, snout length, and space between the eyes. This software is completely free to use and works on any device to help locate a missing pet, reunite a found pet, and advertise hundreds of local adoptable pets in shelters.

Every dog and cat that enters the Clay County Animal Services shelter will be registered on Finding Rover with their name, photo, and details about the animal. This information will be updated in the database every two hours. Additionally, every pet that leaves the shelter through adoption or reunion will already be registered in the Finding Rover database. The pet’s record can be easily transferred to the owner’s account; so, if the dog or cat gets lost again, Finding Rover’s facial recognition technology offers another resource to help bring them back home quickly. Registering your pet is easy, go to and upload a forward-facing photo, enter a few details about your pet, and enter your name and address. Registration is free and your information remains private.

Clay County Animal Services Director Troy Nagle said, “All pet owners are encouraged to register their pets with a personal Finding Rover account, so if the pet is brought into the shelter, we can quickly identify the owner and get them home as soon as possible.” Nagle added, “This facial recognition technology will be particularly helpful for quick reunifications after a tropical storm or hurricane when frightened pets often get separated from their families.”

If your pet goes missing, go to the Clay County Animal Services’ Facebook page or website at or and click on “Search for Your Lost Pet.” The link will redirect to Finding Rover’s website where you can upload your lost pet’s photo. You can search for lost and found pets without being registered, but if there is a match, the location and contact information will only be provided once registered.

If you find a pet, go to and click on “Found a Pet” to view photos of lost pets in your area. Click on the “Facial Recognition Search” button and upload a photo of the pet you found, and Finding Rover will search for a match.

If you want to search for adoptable dogs and cats, click on the “Find an Adoptable Pet” link on Clay County Animal Services’ Facebook page or the “Adoptable Face Match” widget on Clay County Animal Services’ website. If you are searching for a certain breed or look, upload a photo of the desired pet to search for a pet with similar characteristics, or click on “Adopt a Pet” to view photos of adoptable pets in your area.

Clay County Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners Gayward Hendry said, “This technology is great for Clay County because it will reduce the number of pets in the shelter and the length of their stay, which will reduce overall costs and free up space for other animals that need shelter care.”

Our pets are an important part of the family. If one goes missing, it can be a distressing event for everyone involved. In just a few short minutes, you can safeguard your dog or cat from being lost with this free service from Finding Rover.


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