Chemo Noir: A ride for a reason


Recovering from the loss of a loved one can be one of the hardest things a person can go through. People handle loss in many ways. The emotions and feelings attached to a loss can be destructive, but they can also be used as a driving force for something positive. That is what Greg Taylor is doing. Not only is he using it as his own driving force, but he is using it to help others.

Starting on Feb. 20, Greg is going to ride his bike 11,500 miles on a trip that will take approximately six months. Greg is doing this to help raise money for a local non-profit called Chemo Noir. This organization located in Jacksonville Beach was started by Kat Casey and helps those going through cancer treatment. Sometimes they help with household bills from those who are struggling as they seek treatment. Other times they help in the funding of actual cancer treatment.

This mission is close to the heart for Greg as one of the main reasons for this ride is to bring closure after losing his aunt. Greg lost his aunt Melody Winfield when he was 17 years old to cancer and has not fully been able to bring closure to the situation. He is trying to raise $100,000 during the course of his trip. He wants to help Chemo Noir become a larger organization so it can reach more people and influence the local community.

His trip will begin in Jacksonville. He will ride his bike cross country to San Diego, California. Then up to Washington State, down to Denver, back east to Maine and down the Eastern seaboard ending back in Jacksonville. He will be staying at campsites and parks along the way.

What he did not expect was so many people who found out about his journey and have offered a hot meal, a couch to sleep on, a front yard to put his tent in and just general support.

Talking to Greg another reason he is doing this ride is to inspire people to be kind and come together for a common cause.

“[The year] 2020 was a hard year for so many people and people became very nasty towards one another,” he said. “Being stuck in our hour houses we lost some of that human connection. I want to bring that back and give people a reason to be kind to one another.”

For those wanting to follow Greg’s journey or donate to his cause you can go to and donate through the portal.

We hope to be following Greg’s journey as he makes his way across country. Enjoy the ride.


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