‘Eclectic’ One Swanky Chic offers unique items, local support to farmers

Boutique known for its décor, variety of inimitable crafts


MIDDLEBURG – One Swanky Chic isn’t your ordinary boutique. It has a little bit of everything.

Kristina Byrd, the owner of the shop, takes pride in her special little place.

“I had been running a boutique out of my home for a couple of years,” said Byrd. “One day, I happened to stumble upon this [the rental space]. The girl who was in here was going out of business, and I just decided that I’m going to open something out here in Middleburg and see what happens.”

What happened is that One Swanky Chic Boutique became a success, known for its décor and different products for sale.

“I would say probably of the décor and things like that, about 60% is locally made,” said Byrd, who through community ties, has brought in different craftspeople and artisans from around Middleburg and Clay County. She sells their wares and helps give a platform to local small vendors. “They make everywhere from metalworks to signs, to soaps, to cups, to jewelry, you name it.”

When Byrd is asked to identify a general theme for her shop, she smiles.

“Eclectic,” she said. “That’s what I tell everybody. We are an eclectic boutique. We offer everything from housewares, to clothing, to custom gifts.”

The store has almost everything from signs, to handmade soap, and her biggest seller, custom toe-rings. Byrd is also aware of something that is not readily available in Middleburg: flooring.

Byrd is, by her own admission, a local girl.

“I’m from Middleburg. I graduated from Middleburg High School,” she said.

She is not only in business to make a profit. She cares deeply about her state and her community. One Swanky Chic is also a pickup site for Save Florida Farms.

“Florida farmers are struggling,” said Byrd. “There’s a program where people can basically help support local Florida farms. You purchase boxes and things every week, local produce that’s made right here in Florida.”

She goes each Thursday, picks up the boxes and brings them back to One Swanky Chic. Her store does not make anything off of it; it is just a service provided to the community to assist local farmers.

The shop offers crafting and skill classes. During the summer, Byrd plans on hosting “Mommy and Me” classes so that kids can also get involved.

“I am the big surprise out here in Middleburg,” she said. “I have been out here eight months, and I’ve won two ‘Best of Clay Awards.’ I just kind of blew up.”


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