Faith walk: True Heroes


We use the word “hero” very loosely today. Almost any good deed can get one the designation “hero.” But the real hero is “the person who is recognized for great or brave acts or fine qualities.”

“Great or brave acts.” We immediately think of those who put their lives in jeopardy for the sake of others. The person who braves danger to rescue another person in life threatening need is a hero. We think of the many who in a time of war sacrificed their own safety to save their comrades. The military calls it “above and beyond the call of duty.”

Then there are the everyday heroes. There is the mother or father who devotes a life to caring for a handicapped child. There is the spouse who holds on with the beloved spouse who has faded into unknowing but still needs care. There is the person who gives himself to help the needy at the cost of his own well being.

One of my most admired personal heroes is the Apostle Paul. He suffered great trials for his faith but he remained faithful to the Christ who met him on the road to Damascus and transformed him from a hater of Jesus to one of His most devoted followers.

For the sake of Jesus, Paul was imprisoned, stoned, whipped, shipwrecked and severely persecuted. He was maligned by traitorous brethren. He was accused of preaching false doctrine. But in all attacks, Paul stood firm for Christ.

At the time of his departure from this life, this hero of the faith said, “I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course; I have kept the faith.” (2 Tim. 4:7)

Fight the good fight. Don’t give up. Stand firm.

Finish the race you have started. Finish strong! Don’t quit!

Keep the faith. Be true to God and His word. Hold the torch of truth high.

You can be one of God’s heroes.

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