Faith Walk 1/23/20



I was driving down a street one day when I came up behind an older van. It looked rather decrepit. It’s age was apparent.

Almost nothing could be seen on the back of the van except a large collection of bumper stickers. Every one of the bumper stickers had a Christian slogan.

All the ones you have seen were there. “Christians are not perfect just forgiven.” “God is my Co-Pilot.” “God is the Pilot; I’m the co-pilot.” “In case of the Rapture this car will be driverless.” “Honk if you love Jesus.” There were so many bumper stickers, I thought the van was being held together by them.

Peeping out through the sticker collection, I could see two tail lights and most of a license plate. Then I saw one bumper sticker that conspicuously stood out to me. In the lower right corner of the back of the van surrounded by all the Christian slogan messages there was a bumper sticker that said, “Bowlers have more fun.”

Bowlers may have a lot more fun than non-bowlers. I don’t know. But I was impressed with someone who had 99% off the stickers on his van with a Christian message and had to have just one that spoke a secular message.

I got a good laugh. But I also got a message. It is important for us to realize that our consecration to the Lord must be total and absolute. It was a small, almost insignificant, point to observe the back of that van and see one secular sticker among a sea of Christian messages.

When you are totally sold out to the cause of Christ, there is no room for one little secret. You may think it is hidden by all the other good things you say and do. But all those things (the many “Christian” bumper stickers) will not cover for the one thing you keep from God and hold onto for yourself.

This is not a message about bumper stickers whatever the message on them. It is not a message about a funny looking old van. It is a message about totally yielding to the Lord Jesus Christ. Write the Pastor at


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