Faith walk: Never quit


The course of a person’s life is often changed with one decision. At every crossroads of life we have to choose the right way or the wrong way. At those crossroads of decision many people have chosen the wrong way and many have chosen the right way.

After he had denied Jesus in the courtyard of Pilate, Simon Peter was faced with the choice of turning away from Jesus are turning back to Him. To Peter’s great credit he decided to stay with Jesus.

Saul of Tarsus had the chance to turn away from Jesus. Blinded for three days after his Damascus road experience, he waited for an answer from the Lord. Saul decided to stay with Jesus. He became the great apostle Paul.

During his time of service to the Lord Jesus, many men rallied to the aid of the apostle Paul and ministered to him as servants. Paul’s epistles are full of the names of these men.

Among the records of these many men, there is one very sad comment. This statement is made about one of them: “Demas, in love with this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica.” Paul wrote that report in his second letter to Timothy. Demas was a man they both knew very well. When Paul wrote to the church at Colossae, he told them Demas was with him. When Paul wrote his loving letter to Philemon, he spoke of Demas as a fellow worker.

Demas was with Paul in prison. He stayed with him through hardships and suffering. And then there came a day when Demas decided he would not stay the course. He gave up. He surrendered to the enticements and pleasures of the world. That was Paul’s report. It must have brought great sadness to his heart.

Demas was a quitter. When you face struggles and hardships you have to make a decision. Demas made the wrong decision. You can make the right one.

It is always the right decision to continue following Jesus. Don’t quit. Finish strong!

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