I’m thankful to be part of a wonderful family, community


If there’s one thing that ties holidays together, it’s the sense of gratefulness and joy. Every year, the colder weather, extended breaks, and time to see extended family spark a sense of nostalgia and peace, truly the predecessor for the “most wonderful time of the year.”

While sitting with your family, many often take a moment to reflect on things they’re thankful for. After all, many consider Thanksgiving to be a day where we pause and reflect on the year. I reached out to members of the community to spread some holiday cheer and asked them what they’re thankful for in their lives.

Many people mentioned family. Julie Miller, the media specialist for the Ridgeview High library, was quick to answer the same.

“I’m grateful for my sweet boys and husband,” she said.

As a staff in our district, she enjoys the break as a time to spend with family. “I’m thankful for the time off for Thanksgiving, and the opportunity to go do something special with them.”

Supervisor of Elections Chris Chambless is grateful for the community itself.

“I’m thankful for my church, and the family and friends that I’ve made there,” he said. “They provide fellowship, wisdom, and laughter when I need it the most.”

Others mentioned more abstract ideas. Emily Holt, a baker who works at the Club Continental and Country Harvest Desserts, said that she’s grateful for the freedoms and opportunities she has.

“I think about this often, but I’m grateful that I was born at this point in time. If I were born 100 years ago, I would live a completely different life and wouldn’t have as many freedoms as I do now,” she said.

Personally, I’m thankful that I’ve been able to work in such a wonderful place. Getting to write every week for Clay Today and interact with old and new friends in the community is better than I ever could have imagined. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to stay healthy despite COVID-19, and I’m thankful that my family and friends are safe as well. I’m grateful for friends who encourage me and keep me sane, and for my family members who love me unconditionally.

I’m grateful for all the teachers I’ve ever had in my life, both in a classroom and outside of it. Finally, I’m grateful for my life, and for the opportunities I have to continue learning and growing no matter what obstacles I’m up against.

Happy Thanksgiving, and happiest of holidays to the Clay County Community!


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