Letter to the Editor 5/23/19

Why doesn’t Clay County Library have many current novels?


Dear Editor, I would like to express my thoughts on the Clay County Public Library system. Firstly, I should explain that I love to read and like to read current novels, and I belong to a book club. I Google information on what book clubs are reading, what current books are on the best seller lists. I often run across that are not new and were published several years ago.

More often than not, these books aren’t available at the Clay County Library.

I just took a list to the library and out of six books that I wanted I was able to check out one. The rest were not available in the Clay County Library system. One book was published in 2018, two in January and one in February of this year. I will admit one will not come out until later this year. But when it does come out, will I be able to check it out later this year? Slim chances it will be available at the Clay County Library.

I don’t know who makes the selections to be put on the shelves of the library, but whoever is, they obviously do not consider new and trending novels or books on the top chart lists.

Do they ever look at the computer sites to see what’s trending? What books people are reading? What was recently published? Do they check Amazon or stroll through a bookstore? Shelf room can’t be a factor, considering the huge book sales they have periodically. I would very much like to know the method for selecting books for the Clay County Library and why current novels are not made available.

-Dianne Lyons

Orange Park


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