Letter to the Editor 8/1/19

CCSO would have been cheaper way to patrol schools


I certainly hope the good people of this country have seen the latest Clay Today News article with pictures of brand new squad police cars for every police officer in this wasteful creative school police making the certain that we the Clay County taxpayers are going to start to pay much higher property taxes in the years in the future.

This county cannot even pave the streets in outer locations, but it seems we have a hyper-spending commission and school district in using our money to incorporate another increase liability of more unnecessary spending, bringing the question of why do these new police officers need a new police car for each police officer to patrol the school when we have a well-qualified sheriff department to do that job?

There could have been a better way to put the new police force together with more responsibility in fiscal spending to save Clay constituents from increase property taxes, and I assure every one we will see a vast increase in our property taxes. With that, I stand against the reckless spending in the future of increased property taxes.

Harry A. Archond

Orange Park


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