Letter to the Editor: Vulgar, hateful language is dirty politics and cheapens argument


Dear Editor,

A roadside political merchandise stand was set up today on the east corner of U.S. Highway 17 and [County Road] 209 in Green Cove Springs. Some of its flags and banners displayed vulgar, hateful words and messages to Clay County drivers on their daily commutes.

I mentioned this same messaging to a politician friend of mine last time there were several vehicles flying these hateful flags in our community. Nothing could be done, he said. Which may be true... for vehicles. Maybe.

Now the filth is peddled on our roadways?

What would you say to your newly-reading-everything 5 year-old grandchild when she says, “Look Grandpa, it says F*#@ Biden!”

Frankly, I’ve had enough of these unnecessarily-vulgar political extremists’ blatant display of what any rational American would consider offensive.

Notwithstanding, it’s simply not necessary. The vulgar language weakens the argument.

I say, you merchants retain your freedom of speech. Yes, please! We must keep it!

But keep your adult-themed ugly, divisive, and disrespectful political garbage under your sales tables: out of sight of my grandchildren’s precious eyes.

There’s no shortage of ugliness in our world. Real adults protect little innocent eyes from it for as long as we can. Anytime we can.

Shame on us.

Craig Seaton

Orange Park


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