Letters to the Editor 7/1/21


Fireworks executive asks everyone to be considerate, safe this holiday


With her Fourth of July, nearing, Phantom Fireworks encourages its friends and customers to be considerate of your neighbors when using fireworks. We often get too caught up in the excitement and entertainment of fireworks lighting up the sky that we forget the noise and light may have an adverse effect on some people and animals.
Phantom Fireworks asks you to be courteous to your neighbors. Communication with them. Notify your neighbors before shooting your fireworks to allow them to prepare themselves and to enjoy your show.
Phantom also asks that your respect your neighbor’s property. Keep you launch sit open and away from your neighbor’s property to prevent accumulation of fireworks remains in their area. When the show is over, clean up your fireworks debris, particularly what ends up on your neighbor’s property or in the street.
Fireworks safety is crucial. Always have a ready source of water close by in case of emergencies. Maintain plenty of distance between the launch site and spectators and inhabited buildings. It is very important to honor a curfew. Generally, professional shows end by 11 p.m. Please respect your neighbors by ending at a reasonable time.
Phantom reminds you to follow the law and apply common sense. Read the fireworks safety tips provided by Phantom to understand the performance and hazards associated with the item. Phantom wants you to be safe, have fun and enjoy the Fourth of July!

Bill Weimer
Vice President, Phantom Fireworks

Kindness in the most unlikely of places


I was standing in the checkout at the Gate gas station on Blanding Blvd across from Whataburger waiting to pay for my donuts and bananas when a young man came up behind me and said, “I got this put your money away you’re blessed, I’ve got you!”
Well, there were two more men behind me and one of the men said that guy took care of someone else who comes in a lot and he always buys the same things.
Well, I knew they were talking about my boyfriend, Michael Romera, who shops at that same gas station and he ALWAYS buys the same thing every day. When I heard that it brought tears to my eyes, I was so surprised, because I knew they were talking about my boyfriend.
There are not enough words to describe how I felt that day. I thanked the young man he truly did bless me!
I happened to be at the same gas station on another occasion waiting in line to purchase my items when two other men were standing behind me who paid for my purchase!
I couldn’t wait to go and tell Michael who was waiting outside in the car for me.
I thanked the Lord that there are still genuine people out there in this world during this time that we are living in.
The Gate gas station on Blanding is surely blessed with wonderful workers and friendly customers. I will always go to the same gas station for my gas, food or anything else I might need.
What a blessing these three men were to me, and I’m sure other people have been at the same gas station who have been blessed by them too, I just feel the need to publicly acknowledge their generousness. This young man told me I was blessed, well he was the blessing and if he were here right now I’d hug him again and thank him again, along with the other two men.
Thank you Gate for your excellent customer service to your Patrons!

Lori Cain, Orange Park
Challenge Enterprises


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