New resident wants greater diversity in local government



As a new resident of Fleming Island, I would like to share my thoughts about the lack of diversity and representation at the local government level. It seems to me that our local government officials are solely Republican, assuring residents of a heavily leaning conservative approach to governing. I'm OK with this since I am a conservative, a former Republican Party member turned Independent.

I am grateful for all of the persons who serve, but I would also like them to embrace diversity in thinking and accepting different viewpoints (basically opposing Trump's style of admonishment and reproach). We, a small community, can become a beacon for others to follow, as I have seen in other small communities across the nation, in our approach for inclusion and adopting viable ideas presented by persons like myself (Independents) and, you guessed it, the small Democratic base which also resides here in our county.

Thanks again,

Joe Golon


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