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Ocktoberfest in September and the many other things I don’t understand


I don’t know who this “Spam” person is, but I’m tired of him calling me.

I’m getting as many as 10 calls listed as “Potential Spam” on my cellphone every day. Most seem to come from Georgia, but some come from Virginia, Wisconsin and California. I wish there was a space ray I can send back that can melt their phones. Then they can get calls from a telemarketer for an insurance policy for the phones.

I don’t need a car maintenance plan. My son is an ASE-certified mechanic. He used to build race cars for a NASCAR team, so leave me alone. I’ve paid my taxes, so don’t call and ask me to pay off old bills with Target gift cards. And I certainly wouldn’t buy computer security software from anyone who calls with an “Unknown Number.”

My blocked numbers list now is twice as large as my contacts. You keep calling; I will keep blocking.

But that’s not the only thing that’s been bothering me lately. I admit several things confuse me, like:

Why are television commercials, especially at night, twice as loud as regular programming? I don’t know why it’s necessary to interrupt an otherwise peaceful episode of “Little House on the Prairie” with an ear-shattering advertisement for adult diapers.

While we’re at it, have you noticed every time a politician says they’ve been “perfectly clear,” what usually follows is a lot of mumbo-jumbo and misdirection? And the fact the term is used so often, especially lately, should be an alarming indication of how often we’re being misled.

Speaking of truth, why do so many Americans still blame Donald Trump for the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and give Joe Biden a pass. According to USA Today, The Associated Press, and U.S. News, 400,000 died of the virus – most before a vaccine was created – in the final 10 months of his presidency. According to the New York Times and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 291,000 have died – all while there are three available vaccines – in the first eight months of Biden’s time in office. The reality is, COVID-19 was a novel coronavirus. Both presidents did what they could with what they knew. Placing blame is political and not based on science. COVID-19 has killed Democrats and Republicans, and everything in-between, and the virus has done it without compunction.

I also don’t understand why there are signs around the airport that warn of “Low Flying Planes.” What are supposed to do? Duck?

Here’s another head-scratcher: Ocktoberfest in Munich, Germany, is primarily in September, not October. This year’s event, which was canceled because of the most recent outbreak of COVID-19, was scheduled to run from Sept. 17 until Oct. 3. I guess organizers didn’t like the name Septemberfest – or they don’t own a calendar.

Now that the Jacksonville Jaguars are off to an 0-3 start, it’s fair to ask just how bad was Tim Tebow if he was one of the first five players cut from the roster back in training camp. If he couldn’t make this roster …

And while we’re on the Jaguars, why did the NFL think it was a good idea to move Jacksonville’s Oct. 17 game against the Miami Dolphins to London? The two stadiums are separated by just 332 miles. Now they have to fly more than 4,250 miles away from Florida, and their fanbases, for a game. Maybe somebody needs to get the NFL a globe.

Finally, is there anything worse than being behind someone at the customer service register who’s got both elbows on the counter who’s buying scratch-off lottery tickets one or two at a time, then remaining at the register to see if they’re winners and ordering more tickets? Do they realize the people behind them have lottery tickets to buy or a loaf of stale bread to return?

If you have any of these answers, feel free to call me. Just make sure you’re not Spam.