Faith walk: Reasons to stop going to church


Most people who do not regularly attend church services believe they have good reasons. I have heard most of the reasons (or excuses) as you probably have. Here are some of the most frequent among the many I have heard.

“I’m tired after a long week’s work.” A warm spirit of worship can be as restful and refreshing as a short vacation. It is a chance to get away from the intense pressure of the workplace and get your mind on the restorative presence of the Lord. Another answer to this excuse is that your attendance declares your gratitude to God for your health and ability to perform a job. It also states you are thankful to have one!

“There are hypocrites there.” Churches should be places of healing, spiritual growth and finding answers. None of us is perfect including you and me. If you look at the lives of others as your guide or standard you will miss your highest opportunity. Churches will always be imperfect because they are populated by imperfect people. You go to church looking to Jesus not, other people.

“I can worship anywhere.” It is true. You can worship God anywhere. However, that is not a legitimate reason for not attending church. You should worship at times other than when in a church service. Corporate worship or the gathering of Christ’s body for worship has a distinct and valuable place in the life of the believer. That is why the Scripture admonishes us “not to neglect to meet together.” (Heb. 10:25)

“I have more important things to do.” This is interesting. To use this excuse, you must devalue the union of believers and their corporate testimony. This viewpoint determines whether your attendance is always, sometimes or never.

Does it matter where you attend church services? I hope you know that it definitely does! Write the Pastor at


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