Baseball Wrap-ups

Posted 4/4/18

Clay (10-4)Regular SeasonFeb. 20: Beat Keystone Heights 14-5Highlights: Tyler Spence (3Hits, 4RBIs); Nick Barrie (2Hits, 3RBIs); HR Barrie; Doubles: Tyler Spence, Andy Yarbrough; Connor Solomon …

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Baseball Wrap-ups


Clay (10-4)

Regular Season

Feb. 20: Beat Keystone Heights 14-5

Highlights: Tyler Spence (3Hits, 4RBIs); Nick Barrie (2Hits, 3RBIs); HR Barrie; Doubles: Tyler Spence, Andy Yarbrough; Connor Solomon (4Ks), Andy Yarbrough (2Ks)

Feb. 23: Lost 1-0 to Pike County (GA)

Highlights: Kevin Jackson (1Hit); Dylan Faulkner (4Ks); Chase Holman (3Ks)

Feb. 24: Beat Colquitt County (GA) 1-

Highlights: Nick Barrie (1Hit, 1RBI); Hits: Kevin Jackson, Dylan Faulkner; Connor Solomon (6Ks). Clay scores 6th inning run off singles by Faulkner, Jackson and Barrie RBI.

Feb. 27: Lost to Baker County 2-0

March 1: Beat Atlantic Coast 2-0

Highlights: Nick Barrie (2Hits, 1RBI); Kevin Jackson (1Hit, 1RBI); Dylan Faulkner (9Ks)

6th: 2-1 off G Chun single; 2 BBs; Kevin Jackson 1B-RBI

March 2: Lost to Trinity Christian 4-3

March 8: Beat Bartram Trail 7-6

March 9: Beat Oakleaf 2-0

Highlights: Connor Solomon 13Ks; Second inning-Dylan Faulkner single, Andy Yarbrough bunt, Zach Morris walk, Jacob Owens SAC Fly RBI; Kevin Jackson Double RBI (2-0)

March 13: Lost to 6A-Belleview 3-2

Highlights: Belleview RBI double in sixth scores 2 after three walks by pitcher Chase Holman (3-2). Tyler Spence grounder and double scores two Clay runs.

March 15: Beat Columbia 5-2

March 19: Beat Yulee 2-1

March 22: Beat SJCDS 5-1

Highlights: Dylan Faulkner (CHS) 8Ks; Troy Britts (SJCDS) 3Ks; Connor Solomon grounder in 1st scores Josh Lemen, Nick Barrie steals home (2-0); 2nd-Finn Howell double scores Britts-walked (2-1); 3rd-Solomon grounder scores Barrie (3-1); 5th-Barrie walks; Josh Lemen SAC bunt, Holman triples scores Solomon (5-1)

March 23: Lost to FIHS 3-2

Highlights: RBIs Chase Holman, Nate Lewis; LP Connor Solomon 8Ks

March 28: Beat OPHS 15-1

Highlights: Doubles Kevin Jackson, Andy Yarbrough; Triples Yarbrough, Nate Lewis; RBIs Kevin Jackson, Dylan Faulkner, Colin Gross, Tyler Spence, Andy Yarbrough, Nick Barrie, Eric Predmore, Chase Holman 2, Dillon Bonham, Nate Lewis 2; Dylan Faulkner WP 6Ks.

March 29: Beat OPHS 13-0

Highlights: Doubles-Tyler Spence, Connor Solomon; RBIs - Kevin Jackson 2, Dylan Faulkner, Tyler Spence 2, Andy Yarbrough, Chase Holman, Josh Lemen ; Connor Solomon 4Ks

Upcoming: April 4 at Menendez; April 5 vs. Menendez; April 12 at Ridgeview

Keystone Heights (6-8)

Regular Season

Feb. 20: Lost 14-5 to Clay

Highlights: Tyler Noble (1Hit, 2RBIs); Gary Searle (1RBI); Connor Osteen (3Ks)

Feb. 23: Lost to Middleburg 10-8

Feb. 27: Beat North Marion 6-4

Feb. 28: Lost to Newberry 8-3

March 2: Lost to PK Yonge 8-6

March 6: Beat Santa Fe 4-1

March 9: Beat Bradford 9-0

March 15: Beat Bishop Snyder 14-2

March 16: Lost to Palatka 9-1

March 20: Lost to Ridgeview 9-2

Highlights: RHS Austin Kittle 2RBI triple (3Ks as pitcher); KHHS Will Yeldell 2Hits

March 23: Lost to Bradford 6-5

Highlights; RBIs-Nate Gagnon, Trey Alasabrook, Will Yeldell; Doubles-Gagnon, Gary Searle; Connor Osteen (7Ks)

March 27: Beat Fort White 4-2

March 29: Beat Middleburg 12-6

Highlights: RBIs-Andrew Cox 2, Stevie Rodriguez 2, Connor Osteen 2, Trey Alasabrook 2, Nate Gagnon; Andrew Cox WP 1K

1st: Connor OSteen walk, Steve Rodriguez hit by pitch; Nate Gagnon SAC Bunt; Andrew Cox RBI single; T. Alasabrook 2RBI single (3-0)

2nd: 2 Walks; Fielders choice Gagnon RBI (4-0); Andrew Cox single RBI (5-0), Error (6-0)

3rd: 2 Walks, Osteen RBI single (7-0)

4th: Error, Walk Alasabrook RBI single (8-0)

6th: Searle single, Noble Walk, Mattox walk, Wild Pitch (9-1), Osteen single RBI (10-1), Rodriguez single 2RBI (12-1),

Upcoming: April 3 at Newberry; April 4 at Oakleaf; April 6 vs. Palatka

Oakleaf (7-5-1)

Regular Season

Feb. 20: Beat Middleburg 5-1

Highlights: Keegan Barrs (3hits, 2RBIs) Kobe Branch (1Hit, 1RBI); Doubles: Barrs, Branch, Bruce Hube; Alex Guzewich (2Ks)

Feb. 22: Tie FIHS 1-1

Feb. 23: Beat Orange Park 2-0

Highlights: Double: Logan Schmidt; RBI: Dustin Espinosa; Kobe Branch (8Ks); Noah Detrick (4Ks)

2nd Inning: 2-0 off Schmidt double; 2BBs; Dustin Espinosa RBI flyball.

Feb. 27: Beat St. Johns Country Day School 3-2

Highlights: OHS: Cornell Daniels, Dustin Espinosa RBIs; SJCDS: Cody Myers, Troy Britts RBIs

2nd 1-0 OHS: Walk, Elvis Farina 1B, Dustin Espinosa E3 RBI

4th 1-1: SJCDS Zellem walks, Cody Myers 2B-RBI

4th 3-1 OHS: 3 Singles (Schmidt, Kobe Branch, Colby Coldiron); Cornell Daniels FC to SS; Dustin Espinosa FC to SS.

6th 3-2 OHS: SJCDS Tyler Kuramoto 2B, Troy Britts 1B-RBI

March 1: Beat Fletcher 10-2

March 5: Beat Lee 9-3

March 6: Lost 8-1 to Baker County

March 9: Lost 2-0 to Clay

March 13: Beat Yulee 7-6

March 19: Lost to Bishop Kenny 10-0

March 22: Lost to Episcopal 4-0

March 27: Lost to University Christian 4-3

March 29: Beat Flagler 6-3

Highlights: Double-Bruce Hube; RBIs-Kobe Branch, Max Dale, Noah Detrick, Bruce Hube, Blain Jones, Monte Stephens; Logan Schmidt 4Ks, WP Noah Detrick 3Ks

7th: Oakleaf down 3-0; Error, walk, Hube singles RBI (3-1); Dustin Espinosa single loads bases; M Dale single RBI (3-2); Monte Stephens sacrifice bunt RBI (3-3); Blain Jones single RBI (4-3); Kobe Branch walk (5-3); Detrick flyout RBI (6-3). Detrick opens with two strikeouts, single, ground out to end game

Upcoming: April 3 vs. First Coast; April 5 vs. Keystone Heights; April 10 vs. Atlantic Coast (all games 4:30 p.m.)

Middleburg (8-6)

Regular Season

Feb. 20: Lost 5-1 to Oakleaf

Feb. 22: Lost 12-3 to Bartram Trail

Feb. 23: Beat Keystone Heights 10-8

Feb. 27: Beat Palatka 12-11

March 1: Beat Vanguard 11-1

March 2: Lost to Vanguard 4-3

March 8: Beat Gainesville 5-3

March 9: Lost to Gainesville 5-4

March 12: Lost to Ridgeview 13-5

March 13: Beat Menendez 11-5

March 22: Beat Columbia 14-7

March 33: Beat Columbia 8-4

March 28: Beat Fleming Island 6-3

March 29: Lost to Keystone Heights 12-6

Upcoming: April 3 vs. North Forsyth (GA); April 9 vs. Ridgeview; April 10 at Orange Park; April 12 vs. Oakleaf

Ridgeview (11-3)

Regular Season

Feb. 20: Lost 9-6 to Bartram Trail

Highlights: Austin Kittle (2Hits, 3RBIs); Tyler Turner (1Hit, 2RBIs); Brandon Dumas (2Hits, 1RBI); Doubles: Kittle 2, Turner; Brandon Dumas (3Ks)

Feb. 22: Beat Bradford 11-0

Highlights: Richie Long (2Hits, 3RBIs); Maury Gonzalez (2hits, 2RBIs); RBIs: Evan Wickeri, Brandon Dumas, Anthony Roman, Tyler Turner; Double: Wickeri; Richie Long (4Ks)

Feb. 23: Beat SJCDS 4-1

Highlights: Maury Gonzalez (2Hits, 2RBIs) Richie Long (1Hit, 1RBi), Justin Farmer (1Hit, 1RBI); Homers: Farmer, Gonzalez; Double: Brandon Dumas; Evan Wickeri (7Ks)

March 1: Lost to SJCDS 12-4

March 2: Lost 8-5 to Baker County

Highlights: Justin Farmer (1Hit, 2RBI); Richie Long (3Ks); Double: Austin Kittle;

Baker County scores five runs in fifth inning.

March 6: Beat Fleming Island 4-0

March 7: Beat St. Joseph 10-2

March 12: Beat Middleburg 13-5

March 13: Beat Trinity Christian 11-1

Highlights: Anthony Messineo 3RBIs, Maury Gonzalez 2RBIs, Austin Kittle 2RBIs; Winning pitcher Evan Wickeri (2Ks)

March 20: Beat Keystone Heights 9-2

Highlights: 2RBIs-Evan Wickeri, Maury Gonzalez, Austin Kittle; Triples-Maury Gonzalez, Austin Kittle; Doubles-Carlos Gonzalez; Brandon Dumas (5Ks), WP Kittle (3Ks)

March 22: Beat Orange Park 11-1

Highlights: RHS-Richie Long (5Ks), Marcus Roman (5Ks); Double-RHS Tyler Turner

March 23: Beat Orange Park 12-0

Highlights: RBIs-Evan Wickeri, Maury Gonzalez (2), Justin Farmer, Brandon Dumas, Anthony Messineo, Alex Sierra; WP Evan Wickeri (1K), Double-Wickeri, Triple-Maury Gonzalez

March 27: Beat Menendez 11-2

Highlights: Doubles-Austin Kittle, Evan Wickeri; Evan Wickeri (4hits, 2RBIs); Marcus Roman WP 6Ks; RBIs-Carlos Gonzalez, Austin Kittle 2, Richie Long, Anthony Messineo 2, Tyler Turner, Evan Wickeri 2

March 28: Beat Menendez 10-0

Highlights: Doubles-Brandon Dumas (2, 2RBIs), Austin Kittle 3RBIs; Evan Wickeri WP 3Ks, Dumas-2Ks in relief

Upcoming: April 4 vs. Ponte Vedra; April 5 at Ponte Vedra; April 9 at Middleburg

St. Johns Country Day School (9-6)

Regular Season

Feb. 20: Beat Fleming Island 6-5

Highlights: Tanner Zellem (2Hits, 4RBIs); Cody Myers (1hit, 1RBI); Homers Zellem 2; Troy Britts (7Ks), Jack Hodges (3Ks)

Feb. 23: Lost 4-1 to Ridgeview

Highlights: Hunter Russell (1Hit, 1RBI); Brad Hodges (2Ks)

Feb. 27: Lost to Oakleaf 3-2

Feb. 28: Beat St. Francis 4-0

Highlights: Jorday Taylor (1Hits, 2RBIs); Troy Myers (2Hits, 1RBI); Hunter Russell (7Ks), Finn Howell (4Ks); Doubles: Troy Myers 2, Jordan Taylor

March 1: Beat Ridgeview 12-4

March 7: Beat Oak Hall 13-2

March 9: Beat St. Joseph 7-2

March 14: Beat Westside 5-1

March 16: Beat University Christian 4-2

March 21: Beat Fleming Island 9-8

Highlights: SJCDS Cody Myers 3-Run homer 6th (9-6); FIHS Jacob Asdot doubles, scores on RF error, A Peck grounder E5 Troy Myers (9-8).

March 22: Lost to Clay 5-1

March 26: Lost to 4A-Westminster (Miami, 12-5, region finalist 2017) 11-3

March 28: Beat Westfield 2-1

March 29: Lost to Strongsville (OH) 5-3

March 30: Lost to 6A-James Madison (VA, 4-1, 9th ranked in VA, 21-2 in 2017) 7-3

Upcoming: April 3 vs. Oak Hall; April 7 vs. University Christian; April 10 vs. St. Francis; April 11 at Episcopal

Orange Park (2-10)

Regular Season

Feb. 20: Lost 16-1 to Palatka

Feb. 23: Lost 2-0 to Oakleaf

Feb. 26: Beat Groves (GA) 12-2

March 1: Lost to Menendez 17-4

March 2: Lost to Menendez 7-3

March 5: Lost to Ed White 6-5

March 7: Lost to Ponte Vedra 8-0

March 8: Lost to Ponte Vedra 8-6

March 20: vs. West Nassau

March 22: vs. Bartram Trail

March 23: Lost to RHS 12-0

March 28: Lost to Clay 15-1

March 29: Lost to Clay 13-0

Upcoming: April 3 at Baldwin; April 10 vs. Middleburg, April 12 vs. Ed White

Fleming Island (4-8-1)

Regular Season

Feb. 20: Lost to SJCDS 6-5

Feb. 22: Tied Oakleaf 1-1

Feb. 27: Lost to Providence 8-1

March 2: Lost to Chiles 7-4

March 6: Lost to Ridgeview 4-0

March 7: Beat Lee 15-0

March 19: Lost to SJCDS 9-8

March 23: Beat Clay 3-2

March 26: Beat Pensacola Catholic 8-4

March 27: Lost to Atlantic Coast 2-1

March 28: Lost to Middleburg 6-3

Upcoming: April 3 vs. Archer (Ga); April 4 vs. North Forsyth (Ga); April 11 at Creekside


District 2-8A

Oakleaf 7-5-1, 2-0-1

Fletcher 7-7-0, 2-1-0

Atlantic Coast 4-6-0, 2-1-0

Fleming Island, 4-8-1, 2-1-1

First Coast 4-6-0, 0-2-0

Lee 5-8-0, 0-4-0

District 3-7A

Gainesville 9-6-0, 4-2-0

Middleburg 8-6-0, 4-2-0

Vanguard 6-8-0, 2-4-0

Columbia 10-7-0, 2-4-0

District 4-6A

Clay 10-5-0, 2-0-0

Ridgeview 11-3-0, 4-0-0

Ponte Vedra 11-4-0, 4-0-0

Menendez 2-9-0, 2-4-0

Orange Park 1-11-0, 0-8-0

District 5-5A

Bradford 7-6-0, 4-2-0

P.K. Yonge 12-5-0, 4-3-0

Newberry 7-4-0, 4-3-0

Palatka 8-8-0, 4-4-0

Keystone Heights 6-8-0, 3-4-0

Santa Fe 6-9-0, 3-4-0

Fort White 6-7-0, 2-4-0

District 2-3A

St. Johns Country Day School 9-5-0, 5-0-0

University Christian 12-7-0, 4-1-0

St. Joseph Academy 4-8-0, 3-3-0

Oak Hall 3-7-0, 1-4-0

St. Francis Catholic 0-10-0, 0-5-0


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