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Be thankful all the time, not just on Thanksgiving day


There are days when my knee replacement hurts so bad I can barely walk. My left hip pops in and out of the joint, which means another joint replacement is coming soon. The only thing that may delay my hip replacement is my right shoulder cracks and snaps every time I move it, putting it on the short list of upcoming surgeries.

And yet, I feel more thankful than ever before for the good things in my life.

This is the time of year when we’re supposed to count our blessings. But I do it all the time, not just on Thanksgiving.

Don’t get me wrong. Thanksgiving turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, collard greens and sweet potato casserole have big been, and always will be, my favorite meal of the year. That’s why I usually cook a bird four or five times a year, not just during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. No matter how much I hurt, I can crawl to the dinner table if necessary.

I am very thankful for Facetime. The app allows me to feel like Ihave my granson, Don Henry in the same room with me, although he’s nearly 1,700 miles away.

I’m also thankful I don’t have neighbors who cut their grass and use a blower to blow their grass clippings into the street.

I am thankful to be surrounded by so many good people. Being happy is a choice. So is being unhappy. What’s amazing is there are so many good things happening around you every minute. You simply have to choose to recognize it.

I always smile in gratitude when someone uses their turn signal. I just wish it happened more often.

I am thankful I moved from the County Road 218 and Blanding Boulevard area to Doctors Inlet. My neighbors aren’t any nicer here, but I don’t have to deal with the never-ending construction and delays on Blanding.

I am thankful to fill Angel Tree requests and deliver household goods and food to the Clothes Closet and Food Pantry.

I am thankful I bought one of Pastor John Sanders’ Boston butts last week. Not only did I get enough incredible pork to last for 10 meals, but it also helped him inch closer to rebuilding the Vineyards Transitional Center to help provide inmates the skills and knowledge to transition back into society.

I am thankful I no longer have to clean my plate before dessert.

I am thankful to be greeted every morning by seven crows and a squirrel at my office window. A few months ago, I threw some stale peanuts in the yard for the squirrels, but the crows got there first. Now I throw a couple of hands full of raw peanuts in the shell out my front door every morning. And if I’m late, the crows know to fly to the back of the house near my bedroom window to squawk until I get out of bed and feed them. Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures.

I’m thankful for my smoker grill. Briskets beware.

I am thankful for the bonus fries in the bottom of a McDonald’s bag.

I am thankful the Red Kettle Bell season is here. I’m just as happy to stuff a sawbuck in one every time I go in and out of a store.

I am certainly thankful to work with so many caring and competent people at Clay Today. We are more than colleagues. We are family.

After counting my blessings, I just realized my knee, hip and shoulder don’t hurt as much. As I said, being happy is a choice. So is being thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.