Letter to the Editor: Immigrants. My grandparents. Yours?


Immigrants are the backbone of this country. This includes the unwilling immigrants once known as “slaves.” Anyone not Native American is an immigrant.

Whether documented or undocumented, the vast majority are not looking to commit crimes – but for opportunity, a better, safer life, a place to work and raise a family. Any contributions in terms of labor, service, education, integrity, innovation and professional achievement should be welcomed, respected, honored.

Shame on the “authorities” who are going after law-abiding individuals, destroying families and the important allies of our labor force. In his novel Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens’ character, Mr. Bumble, exclaims: “…the Law is a ass, a idiot(sic) and if the Law supposes that…I hope its eyes may be opened by experience.”

When people and nations are injured by legal processes originally intended for their “protection,” when the law disregards wisdom and mercy and makes itself a Procrustean bed, the legal system becomes bondage and true freedom, an illusion. At this point, such laws and their legislators must be changed.

Finally, let me be frank. In the rogue (so-called “Republican”) government pushing these policies, there is a very real fear that when able to do so, future legal immigrants may choose not to vote “Republican.” The same goes for DACA, and other undocumented, but non-criminal populations.

This – not “illegality” – underlies the sordid basis for “keeping them out,” or “rounding them up and getting them out.” It is also the basis for the manipulation of voting districts and regulations.

Nancy Moore

Penney Farms


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Don Long

There is a big difference between legal immigrant and illegal immigrant. One is a guest and the other is an invader. If you invite me over to your house, I am a guest. If I go into your house without your permission, that is illegal. Their reason for wanting to come here is irrelevant. Of course they want a better life than their country. We have a procedure to make that happen. As far as them being law-abiding, that is 100% false. They are breaking the law by being here or staying past their visa. If they are working without a valid work visa, they are breaking that law too. If they are being paid under the table, they are not filing federal taxes and breaking that law. If they are using false documents, that is another. Some are using someone else's Social Security number.

Friday, April 6, 2018