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Letter to the Editor

Reader thankful for ‘national news cycle’ during election


Dear Editor:

In (Don Coble’s) column of Thursday, Nov. 17, you discussed “getting back to reality and stepping away from the national news cycle.”

Your definition encompassed a number of personal tasks and preferred TV programs. “Reality” should be defined as those things which influence all of us as American citizens: the quality and expertise of the candidates and political parties for which we vote, policies which are functional, follow campaign promises, and are beneficial to all; immediate attention to pressing national issues; the rejection of political maneuvers which are punitive and divisive.

Thank God for the “national news cycle.”  Responsible reporting highlights the wrongdoing of corrupt or incompetent officials and reveals the accomplishments of those whom we can trust.  It eschews lies and propaganda. Our own Governor has made more than a few decisions that needed to be investigated and called out.  My reality is found in what is happening around the world and in my country, and not just inside my house. Our “national shed” has been cluttered for years with hypocrisy and its detritus and needs a thorough cleaning. Whether on a national, state or local level, nothing is more real than expert legislation which has good results for its citizens.

Nancy Moore

Penney Farms