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Letter to the Editor: Clay County’s garbage new garbage policy



You wrote an article about Clay County Board of County Commissioners, the new curbside collection contract coming October 1 and the decision those commissioners made of getting rid of recycling for the better because of “the markets” and “saving the residents of Clay money”. Did you tune into the agenda meeting last night? The use of the word agenda has new meaning. They voted on the new contract, it passed 4-1. The Commissioners followed the lead of Milton Towns into another crap shoot contract for Clay County. I say another one because take a look at the Transfer and Disposal contract he “negotiated.” The prices at Rosemary Hill are outrageous.

Clearly, he does not have Clay County Residents best interest at heart neither do our commissioners at this point. That meeting, there were barely any questions asked except Condon she was worried over the 97 cents and that was about it. There were a lot more things she should have been worried about.  The majority of residents are none the wiser I’m sure, no one knows these meeting happen or what is going to be discussed and voted on. Just by looking on social media no one has raised an eyebrow over this new contract. But come this October 1 the people will be blindsided once again.  Commissioners claim they are about “saving” the residents money and not placing burden on the residents but with what is on the now adopted new contract price table the extra charges that will be on the residents are ridiculous.

The assessment is going up by $34 to $262 for collection that doesn’t include the disposal we all pay $96. So, the total amount is going to be $358 per year, we as the residents will be paying. AND a service will be taken away (recycling), less garbage can be put out every week and less yard waste too? Along with all those added costs of “special services”

The jest of what I heard in the agenda meeting is every home is allotted ONE “cart”, of course you can choose a 96-gallon or the 64-gallon option. But wait, no price difference for those that choose the smaller cart?

Now, if you feel your home is a two-cart home you have the option to “LEASE” another cart at an upfront cost (which Towns did not have a price for just yet…seems to be a running theme with this guy to not have all his information together - FYI take a look at prior meetings he is involved with and stumbling through)  a monthly cost of $5.11 for the collection of the leased cart. Now that totals $61.32 a year (if my math is correct, the table Towns showed was $5.11 monthly $5.11x 12months) in turn my mandated garbage collection of $358 has increased to $419.32 that price doesn’t include whatever the cost of the Lease for the cart which I would assume is going to be $50 to $100 bucks and tip the scale of cost into $500 or more a year for garbage. OR if I could go the overflow bag route. Where we the residents are to purchase a particular sticker at a particular location to place on every extra bag?? AT $4 dollars each sticker!! So, over the year if I need 10 stickers that’s a cost to me of $40 on top of what I am paying a year? So that makes my cost $398.00. Oh yeah don’t forget now EVERYONE has to use paper bags for the yard waste!! Another added cost!! Took a look at amazon how much those cost, 3 for $10!! There is 52 weeks a year and lets face it we live in Florida and can do yard work year round those bags don’t look big three bags a month $10 x 12 months makes for $120 extra too!!

We clay residents will no longer be able to place anything out like an old bed or a chair because that will be a “bulk” pickup and we must schedule that. And we will be limited to only once a month “bulk” up to three items and after that one pickup we will have to call the new company and a pay special fees of $40 per cubic yard for the rest to be collected? Right now, I can place my couch out and its collected with my garbage, right now I can do that each week of the month and its collected. Right now, I can place my two cans out for pickup every week and its collected and I am charged less than what is coming up in this contract. Right now, I can place three cans of garbage and a mattress and it ALL gets collected and no extra charges.  Right now, I can put out my garbage can with bags next to it and it all gets collected and no extra charges.

The commissioners had the option to pick pretty much what we all have now but with this new company FCC for close to the same price based on the tables old Towns provided in previous meeting. And you know what they choose the shiny new trucks and “carts”, that’s all they heard and they were sold. It was different from what “old evil Waste Management is giving us” and they think they are doing everyone a favor or they really don’t care and just want this to be done this because the county isn’t too far away from the end of the contract and they are rushing from crappy leadership.   

Take a look at our actual neighboring Counties, how their collection is handled.  How the contracts are. Towns even said in the meeting this contract isn’t the typical one because Clay County residents are buying the “carts” to save money, to save sales tax? All these garbage companies have relationships with the companies that make the carts because that is how business is done. Why should we the residents and the County have to pay out a big chunk of money. Why are we not doing a standard contract? Why is no one asking these questions that we have elected into these offices?

Signed a worried resident.