Middleburg takes on ‘The Murph’


MIDDLEBURG - Noel Famy, Middleburg Strength and Crossfit gym owner, finished his introduction of U.S. Navy Seal Lt. Col. Michael P. Murphy with a final question.

“When you are in the middle of today’s task and you are hurting and wanting to quit, ask yourself, Do I really have to quit or can I honor this gentleman, Lt. Michael Murphy, by finishing?”

Ramy, along with a handful of fitness challengers in Monday’s “Murph Challenge”, was reminding his group about to take on a one mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats and a final one mile run, all with a 20 pound body vest, that Lt. Murphy, who was featured in the film “Lone Survivor” for his brave actions on a U.S. Navy Seal mission in Afghanistan with three other SEALs that went very bad very fast and ended with a fierce gun battle. Murphy climbed to a higher and more exposed vantage point to radio for help and ultimately lost his life while saving the final member, Marcus Luttrell to escape. Luttrell. Luttrell is the primary source for the book and film, “Lone Survivor” that details the tragic mission.

“We have been doing the ‘Murph’ for at least the last seven years,” said Reyna Famy, also one of the MSAC gym owners. “It’s an honor to host and we get a solid group of people who come to honor Lt. Murphy’s courage.”

First in from the initial mile run was Matt Diley, from Middleburg, a first timer at 26 years old, who later felt the wrath of the rest of the Murph.

The two first out of the door after the mile and pullups through squats challenges were the pair of Dylan Lee, 27, of Charlotte, who had his own 20 pound vest complete with his USN insignia and a message from President Donald Trump, and Kelsey Freeman, 22, of St. Augustine.

Lee and Freeman teamed up to get through and finish first on the day.

“We worked to finish together like a team should,” said Lee. “A lot of people went too fast too early and are paying the price. I believe in slow and steady.”


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