Shepherd’s Center moves its Fall classes to Zoom


ORANGE PARK – The Shepherd’s Center of Orange Park adventured into the realm of virtual technology for their Summer Session.

All the Adventures in Learning classes were taught via Zoom, a new experience for Shepherd’s Center members. To prepare for the classes that began in July, SCOOP had four Monday morning meetups via Zoom. These meetups allowed members to practice their Zoom skills. Some of the things that we all have questions about: “How do I get on a meeting? Where is the mute button? How to do I get sound? How do I hide my video when my hair is not done?”… and, many others.

The classes were well attended, and members enjoyed the interaction. A common thread that ran through all members minds dealt with the feelings of isolation and loneliness and how thankful they are for this fellowship in the classes. Some of our members who participated in the Summer Session shared their thoughts.

“ZOOM is such fun and a great way to both learn and connect with people we used to see on a weekly basis, said Clinical Social Worker Sherry Bruner. “I have learned that Colonial America enjoyed roasted hedgehog served on a platter with a tasty sauce. Neither that nor the eel pie appealed to me. Current Events kept us on our toes both with local primaries in August and worldwide tidbits and events. Line Dancing continued to be fun although missed the interactions with others when together in the gym. I learned uses for my Android phone that I had not previously known. The teachers were all so enthusiastic, well prepared and open to questions and feedback. I looked forward to each morning of the week that I took classes. And what a bargain. Multiple offerings for $30. Looking forward to what will be offered on the fall classes, still scheduled for ZOOM and hoping others will join in this great opportunity. Thank you to SCOOP and all the teachers for being willing to provide the classes. See you in the Fall.”

Said Board of Directors secretary Chris Bass: “I miss not being able to attend in person, but I find the Zoom classes fun. I took five classes every week over Zoom for 50-minute sessions. My choices were: Zentangle, iPad Instruction, Line Dancing, Coping with Covid-19 given by a professional social worker, and Creative Writing. Other classes are offered, depending on your interests and schedule. Every Monday we meet up via Zoom and share lunch-time conversation. I look forward to these classes. Talking to my contemporaries and keeping myself engaged in learning has helped me cope with these challenging times. I have been able to keep my spirits up and not dwell on the negative, thanks to the Shepherd’s Center.”

Linda Franks added: “The SCOOP ZOOM classes have been a lifesaver for me. I have something to look forward to during this crazy time we are living in. We have great classes and can still participate while learning. It is so nice to be able to keep in touch with my SCOOP friends. Anyone who has doubts about the process just contact Christy, and she will guide you through it. It’s easy, and you will be glad you did. Thank you to the teachers this session, and I look forward to the Fall Session. I hope everyone will join in. Be well!”

As Fall approaches, The Shepherd’s Center is gearing up for its Fall Session of Adventures in Learning. Due to the unavailability of our locations for Adventure in Learning Program and the desire to help our members stay safe, the Board has decided to have the Fall Session classes via Zoom. The center knows that many, especially older adults, are experiencing isolation and loneliness. Shephard hopes this will make up for some of the missed interaction with friends that the classes normally provide.

Call the Shepherd’s Center at (904) 269-5315 for more information.


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