Soccer results

Challenge 3 v 3 Keystone Heights Soccer Championship Tournament


Rangers 10-Under, Clay County Soccer

Roster: Miles Blethyn, Dylan Skrzypczak, Kipton Spence, Graham Sauer and Enzo Deledon

Game one: 10-4 win over Ocala Lions U10

Game two: Lost 8-6 yto Avengers 2010

Game three: 9-5 win over Sauce it Up.

Game four: 5-5 with Mini Man U

(Top seed in poll, Mini Man U)

Game Five: 5-4 over Lil Guys in playoffs

Game six: Lost 8-5 to Pony Ups in playoffs

Game seven: 4-0 over Avengers 2010 in playoffs. Third place

Mini Man wins gold division 6-5 over Pony Ups, Rangers third

U18 Boys 1st Division

SJCDs 4-0, 12 Pts. 41 goals for, 7 goals against

Roster: Stone Perry, Chris Mouhourtis, Jaydon Jordan, Matthew Stratton, Nathan Ernst, Antonio Holmberg

Keystone U17 0-3-1, 1 Pt. 12 goals for, 33 goals against

Roster: Micah Wiley, Skyler Kedgley, Carson Eatmon, Gabe Buchanan, Austin Edsell, Tyler Colaw

Game one: SJCDS 5-3 over FC United

Game two: SJCDS 12-2 over Warriors UTD

Game three: SJCDS 12-2 over Junior Elite 2003

Game four: SJCDS 12-0 over Victorious Secret

Game five: SJCDS 12-4 over Warriors UTD in playoff

Game six: SJCDS 7-2 over Junior Elite 2002 in playoff final in gold division

FC United over Warriors UTD for third

Keystone U17

Game one: Lost 10-4 vs. Junior Elite 2002

Game two: Lost 12-0 vs. FC United

Game three: Tied 5-5 with Warriors UTD

Game four: Lost 6-3 to Junior Elite 2003

Game five: Lost 6-3 to Ocala Premier 2004 in playoff

Game six: Won 6-0 over Victorious Secret for third in silver division

Adult Division D2

Keystone Heights 5-0-0, 12 Pts., 42 goals scored, 10 goals against

Roster: Gabe Harrington, Sammy

Santana, coach Trevor Waters, Dean Hogg, Colby Townsend

Game one: Won 8-3 over B GTeam

Game two: Won 10-4 over Gorillas

Game three: Won 12-1 over Williston United 2020

Game four: Won 12-2 over Azalea City FC

Game five: Won 7-5 over Gorillas in playoff

Game six: Won 7-6 over Overrated for division title

Williston United beat 5-2 to B Team for third

U16 Boys 1st Division

Indians 0-3-0, 0 Pts., 5 goals scored, 21 goals scored against

Game one: Lost 7-4 to Gold Diggers

Game two: Lost 6-0 to Rangers 04

Game three: Lost 8-2 to Ocala Premiere 05 Blue

Game four: Won 7-4 over Gold Diggers in playoffs

Game five: Won 3-2 over Ocala Premiere 05 Blue in playoff, won silver division


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