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Clay Today Creative Arts Contest: Accepting submissions for fiction, poetry, photography, art

Are you creative in writing, storytelling or designing? Are you a high school student excited to get a jumpstart in developing a published portfolio? Do you have a big imagination and a deep desire to share your passion with your community? How about winning $100 for your creative work?

Click here for submission guidelines and more information!


'Over Stretch'

The title of my drawing is “Over Stretch”. It represents feeling of stress. Stress can take a toll on people, and I wanted to show the feeling of stress visually.

"Prezwaki's Wild Horse"

By Alexis Foster, Grade 12, Ridgeview High


Listen i’m screaming underwater fee L ing unheard a songless bird waiting to be cured but there’s no one anywhere near no one to hear i need someone here to help f I nd a cure i’m talking to a …

“echoes of absence”

I was inspired because it has been a full year since I last saw him, and during this time, I've deeply felt his absence, longing for my dad and the eventual chance to be reunited. In the stillness of …