As RNC commences, Rick Scott drives home Donald Trump’s message

Senator makes media rounds for the President’s cause.


U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, though not speaking at the Republican National Convention, nonetheless is helping with messaging for the President’s reelection bid, making the media rounds Monday, but delivering a unified message at every stop.

The Senator, on a Monday afternoon call with media that was arranged by the Donald Trump campaign, revisited familiar themes about the stark difference between the incumbent and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“There’ll be lots of conversation about freedom, about democracy,” Scott posited about the RNC. “It’s going to be a real contrast to what you hear from the Democrats.”

“Joe Biden’s a nice guy, but he’s a puppet for the left,” Scott said.

Ahead of that press call, Scott did a friendly interview with Stuart Varney at Fox Business, in which he made similar points.

Trump, said Scott, “cared about the economy,” “clearly cares about law enforcement,” “he clearly cares about our military” and “cares about holding Communist China accountable.”

Scott believes, regarding the President, “what he’s doing or what he will do is exactly what America needs,” and the contrast is Joe Biden, “a puppet for the radical left.”

The Senator expressed excitement about the President’s reelection, contrasting non-politicians like himself and Trump to Biden, a “career politician” who has been in office for 50 years.

“I won my race because I’m not a politician. President Trump won his race because he’s not a career politician,” Scott said. (In a Monday evening Newsmax TV segment he would recycle that language and describe Trump as a “newcomer to politics.”)

Americans, said Scott, “don’t believe in Medicare for All” or “socialism or the Green New Deal” or in “free college tuition.”

“It sounds good,” Scott said, “but someone’s got to pay for this.”

The Senator finished his media hits on ABC News, where he stayed as on message as at the previous stops, including saying he wasn’t worried Trump could lose Florida despite being down in polls.

“If the polls had been right in 2016, we’d have President Hillary Clinton right now,” Scott said.

The Republican National Convention will have a Florida feel, with several speakers confirmed from the Sunshine State.

A.G. Gancarski has been a correspondent for since 2014. In 2018, he was a finalist for an Association of Alternative Newsweeklies "best political column." He can be reached at


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