Letter to the Editor 2/14/19: Thankful for the papers

Thankful for the papers


For the past three years, a small group of people (Christians) have been walking every community in Clay County simply praying for protection from hurricanes, tornadoes, violence and invoking God’s blessing on each neighborhood.

Green Cove Springs, Orange Park, Fleming Island, Middleburg, Doctors Inlet and Keystone Heights have all had visits and the people we met were courteous. And although everyone did not wish to talk about “religion,” they were glad we came by and many asked us to pray for them.

When we walk, we wear blue and yellow vests with the words “Prayer Walker” on them in order to be recognized and people will know why we are in their area. We make it a practice not to knock doors or invite people to church – our intention is simply to pray.

During the past six months of 2018, Clay Today allowed us to place flyers (explaining our coming visit) in 100 papers a week and then distribute them wherever we wished. A day or so after our “delivery” of the latest copy of the paper we would walk that neighborhood praying good will and blessings on each family.

On two occasions, cars stopped and the drivers asked us to pray for a particular need. Two other times, people came out of the house and stopped and asked us to pray a blessing on their homes and families as they were new to that area.

Although we have taken a break from throwing the paper, we still walk weekly. Thank you Clay Today for allowing us the privilege and we pray and believe for His blessings on your business. Prayer Walkers can be reached at prayerwalker26clay@yahoo.com.

Wendell A. Shaw


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