Letters to the Editor: Where do cruisers get to vote, then?


My husband and I retired from the State of Maryland in 2004; we became full-time cruisers (Florida to The Bahamas) and since 2011 we are full-time RV-ers, traveling most of the year, but wintering in Florida – not always the same location. St. Brendan’s Isle has provided excellent mail services for us for 14 years. It was their reputation for excellent service and know-how that led us to declaring Clay County as our legal domicile. Clay County has facilitated our right to vote in national elections for 14 years. Clay County Tax Collector has received sales taxes from us on three Class-A motor coaches and two Jeeps so far. I’m sure the census numbers boosted by Clay County residents like us help with funding and we don’t draw on County resources, except to facilitate our right to vote.

So, what exactly what is required to be able to maintain our right to vote?

Bonnie V. Ford

411 Walnut St.

Voter purge is unconstitutional

We have just learned of the push by Clay County Supervisor of Elections Chris Chambless to purge the voter registration of full-time travelers who are domiciled in Clay County through St. Brendan’s Isle.

We are currently in the process of purchasing a new motorhome and will have to pay the county tax to Green Cove Springs because that is our domicile.

I would suggest that paying sales tax, registration fees, driver’s license fees, etc. indicates a relationship with the county. We are not obligated to pay these assessments anywhere else in the United States.

If this is actually coming from the state of Florida, there needs to be another option for us to vote. Denying American citizens the right to vote is unconstitutional.


Lynne Edwards

411 Walnut St.

Green Cove Springs

Dear Sirs,

My husband and I utilize St. Brendon’s Isle Mail Service and our legal address is 411 Walnut Street.  We are college educated, retired professionals who decided three and a half years ago to sell our home and sailboat, buy a Trawler, and cruise full time on it.  We do not choose to have the worry, financial obligation, or upkeep of a property at this juncture.  We cruise in Florida for 6+ months/year (legally, using pump out services, marinas, etc.) and have a car that we bought in Florida and remains there all year.  Our whole lives have been spent working hard, raising two children, volunteering in our local schools and serving on various boards and commissions in our town.  And yes, I even worked for our town as Director of Home Care Nursing and School Nursing.

All this by way of saying that we are law abiding, conscientious citizens.  We pay our bills and our taxes.  We have never missed voting in a national election, and until the last three years, a local election as well. If we are not residents of Green Cove Springs, where are we residents?  We have been pleased by Florida’s progressive stance toward us, and hate to see that reversed.

Please explain why voter registration has become an issue for St. Brendon’s Isle residents.  We are registered as Independents but I wonder if perhaps you are concerned with the party affiliation of many of the SBI people?

We are US citizens and are afforded the right to vote.  Please don’t take that away or make it more difficult. If you do, what is our alternative for retaining our right to vote?

Best Regards,

Judith L. Carruthers

Aboard M/V Tapestry


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