School district moving school classwork online on Tuesday

Superintendent: Learning will continue despite threat of COVID-19


CLAY COUNTY – With students out of school until at least May 1, the school district has opted to shift education online.

Gov. Ron DeSantis originally canceled schools for a week’s time before extending the cancelation to April 15. Clay County students are currently on Spring Break but when they returned last Tuesday, they were back in the classroom except this time, it’ll be virtual.

“Starting March 31, we will start distance learning,” Superintendent David Broskie said. “It’s going to be utilizing many of the platforms that we already have in place such as Edgenuity, iReady and Achieve3000 among others.”

Broskie said these programs already are used in schools so most children will have familiarity with the programs they’ll be using for the next few weeks online. He said teachers will be reaching out to students and parents soon to get everything set up and ready for online school after Spring Break.

Students will be expected in online class during what would normally be their respective school hours and teachers will be available for help as if they were in a classroom. While there won’t be one-on-one help, Broskie said he’s confident that Clay County students will continue to learn as they would in a standard classroom.

Those with computers at home will be able to use their computers for virtual education, but Broskie said the district is aware that this isn’t an option for everyone. The district is already setting up times that parents with students who need Chromebooks can arrive at their students’ school to pick up the necessary materials.

Many schools in the district already have started handing out the personal computers.

Internet access will be provided to students in need as well, he said. With a few days left of the Spring Break vacation, Broskie said parents need to fill out a survey currently posted to the district’s official website under the coronavirus page. It can be accessed at Parents will be able to select a time slot to pick up the materials they need such as Chromebooks and chargers as part of the survey.

Parents and guardians will be able to pick up the Chromebooks without getting out of their cars as the district works to turn parent pick up loops into laptop drive-thrus.

This online-only distance learning is set to last until May 1, which is the final day of the Governor-ordered school cancellation but Broskie said the district is prepared to continue past that day with distance learning should Gov. DeSantis order schools to remain closed for even longer.


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