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Maladroit: (uh-KWIZ-uh-tiv) an adjective meaning "incompetent" or "very awkward." It is usually used in formal speech and writing and often describes people who lack skill in handling situations. more

Acquisitive: (uh-KWIZ-uh-tiv) an adjective meaning excessively interested in acquiring money or material things.

“The acquisitive gambler bet thousands of dollars for the coin toss to be ‘heads’ on Super Bowl Sunday.”

Vivacious: (vuh-VAY-shus) an adjective meaning someone or something is happy and lively in an appealing way.  

“Our vivacious host’s bubbly humor and welcoming spirit quickly set everyone at ease.” 



Unfettered: (un-FET-erd) an adjective meaning not controlled or restricted. It is a synonym of both free and unrestrained.

“The biographer was given unfettered access to the family's collection of personal correspondence.”

Oneiric: (oh-NYE-rik) an adjective meaning "of or relating to dreams." “The paintings, filled with fantastical imagery conjured by the artist's imagination, have a compellingly oneiric quality.” more
Ominous: (AH-muh-nus) an adjective giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen; threatening; inauspicious

“Our fears about the picnic being cancelled were heightened by the sight of dark, ominous clouds appearing over the horizon.”

Incipient: (in-SIP-ee-unt) an adjective used to describe things that are beginning to come into being or which are to become apparent. “The study clearly needs to be extended because the … more
Chapfallen: (CHAP-faw-lun) an adjective that means having one's lower jaw hanging due to extreme exhaustion or dejection, i.e., “Why the long face?”

“Gina was chapfallen when she learned that her best friend's visit would have to be postponed.”

Overweening: (oh-ver-WEE-ning) an adjective that means showing excessive confidence or pride. “I didn’t believe a word of the politician’s overweening speech.” Word … more

Aphyllous: (ey-FIL-əs) an adjective in botany that means having no leaves or bearing no foliage.

“The aphyllous trees wrapped in bright holiday lights brought cheer to the street.”

Niveous: (niv-ē-əs) a literary adjective that means snowy or resembling a snow-like appearance. “Last night’s cold, misty rain over the field of wild grasses left a coat of … more
Blithe: (bl EYE th) an adjective that means showing a casual, cheerful but improper indifference.

“Speeding through a red light, the driver demonstrated a blithe disregard for the rules of the road. more

Rumbustious: (rum-BUS-chus) an adjective that means boisterous or unruly.

“The rumbustious party next door kept me up all night with their loud music and shouting.”

Kaffeeklatsch: (KAH-feh-klach) a noun that means an informal social gathering for coffee and conversation.

“After church, the old women gossiped at the kaffeeklatsch in the parish center.”


Harridan: (HAIR-eh-den) a noun that means a strict, bossy, or belligerent old woman.

“The old harridan who nannied for the family sent the children to bed early without supper.”



Transpicuous: (trans-PIK-yoo-us) an adjective that means being easily understood or transparent.

“My windows were transpicuous after I cleaned both sides of the glass.”

Appetency: (APP-ǝ-dǝn-see) a noun that means a longing or desire.

“My father passed along his appetency for playing golf.”

Demur: (dǝh-mǝr) a verb that means to raise doubts or show reluctance. “If you don’t agree with the charge, your lawyer can demur.”   more
Five years ago, 2018 • Mandy Sue Tedder was charged with seven counts of animal abandonment after a Clay County Sheriff’s Office deputy found nine dogs left on a property in … more

Nosegay: (NOHZ-gay) a noun that means a small bunch of sweet-scented flowers.

“Each of the bridesmaids received a small nosegay wrapped in lace.”

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